Term & Condition

A. An advance payment of the maintenance is mandatory. Additionally, at the time of agreement contract any local taxes such as sales tax etc. may be levied if applicable.

B.  Extra services on Sundays, US National Holidays, Bank Holidays, or before and after the office hours of Support-Users.Com, will be taken by prior arrangement and at an additional charge on a “Per Call Basis” according to the current standard rates.

C.To maximize security measures, all maintenance will be done remotely and during the Maintenance agreement duration, the computers are expected not to be moved or relocated from the original location of the customer.

D.  In the event of contract termination, Support-Users.Com will have no obligation or liability outside the agreement and the customer will have no right to claim any refund or compensation.

E. At the time of signing the contract, the customer will provide the following:
1) Full and unrestricted access to his device for service delivery thereon
2) A running Internet Broadband connection

F. The replacement of Hardware components, software or any spare parts are not covered in your Annual Maintenance Contract, and hence the services will be limited to protection and diagnosis calls taking care of the repair and maintenance of the device and other USB peripherals connected to the primary device in the contract.

G. The Annual Maintenance Contract also specifies that the cost of replacement of parts or components needed for the repairs shall be accepted by the customer.


1.  This contract also states that all payments are to made in advance prior to the services being carried out by our technicians to your device/devices.
2.  After the agreement of the payment done by you to our representative, it is understood, that no refund or charges will be claimed by you under any circumstances or situation whatsoever, either due to poor internet connectivity, satellite phone connection, network unavailability, dial up etc. or any other issue interpreting the services as incapable or unsatisfactory.
3.  All costs for the Product and Services mentioned in the contract are subject to change as per the current cost at the time of the customer’s enquiry.
4 . Support-Users.Com controls the right to vary any rates and costs in accordance to the current Taxes and duties of product/services at any time by posting the consequential price changes on our website or notifying you. You are welcome to contact us and enquire about the details of the changes by calling us during our office hours or by email.
5.  You confirm that these revised changes and quotes provided by our executives or technicians prior to the delivery of Service or Product are acknowledged by you and will be abided by as a patron and customer of Support-Users.Com.


1.  Support-Users.Com declares that any loss or damage to your device during, before and after the repair is the sole responsibility of the customer.
2.  Support-Users.Com also states that it is not liable or responsible for any concerns or disputes arising after the device have been repaired or maintained after the expiration of the contract.


1.  To the permissible extent, Support-Users.Com will disperse the value of any guarantee or warranty liable to cover the defects (if any) in services provided by us mentioned in the agreement with the provider or supplier of the relevant product.
2 . The services delivered to the customer under the contract of Support-Users.Com will be carried with ultimate precision and skill by our trained and qualified technicians
3.  Support-Users.Com may provide its customers with proper guidance regarding the installation and maintenance of the software. We at Support-Users.Com also understand that you will then be responsible for getting all the obligatory third party licenses for software or other products/intellectual property besides abiding to the applicable and relevant laws relating to any breach of the same.
4.  At Support-Users.Com, our service engineers are equipped with ultimate prowess to help, and we take the ownership of assigning the best suitable and certified technician to help you deal with the concern; however, we also state that we do not promise to fix all the problems because certain complications cannot be dealt with and acted upon without your consent and cooperation. In certain critical and unforeseen scenarios where you are unwilling to cooperate and take the required action, you will be legally responsible to pay the full amount of the services and the products employed by us.
5.  Support-Users.Com would also add, that when an engineer or a technician has addressed and completed his task, there is no certainty that the same or a similar issue will not occur again.
6.  Support-Users.Com under any circumstances will not be responsible and legally bound for the loss of any personal or business, data and information that may incur during or after the services rendered.
7.  We also understand that you agree to follow the instruction and advice of our engineer given to you regarding the Product and Services; and in case of acting otherwise, the sole responsibility would be yours only and you will not demand or claim any damages to us.
8.  In case your preference varies with that of our representative for a particular procedure or a product, then the risk would be entirely yours without any obligation on us.
9 . You agree that we will not be held accountable for the cost of any hardware repairs or any other losses which may arise as a result of your product failure unless it is the direct outcome of the delivery of our services.

Our rule of conduct necessitate that during the provision of the services, the presence of an adult representation is mandatory.
UNFORESEEN EVENTS: You also agree that under this contract, neither Support-Users.Com nor you shall be liable to each other in the event that is beyond our or your control resulting loss of any nature.

It is hereby claimed that all aspects of the terms, formation, existence, construction, performance, validity and all aspects of these terms and conditions what so ever will be governed by the US Business laws.

1.  The US business courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes or disagreements which may arise out of or in association with the terms and conditions of Support-Users.Com for our customers. If we do not enforce or implement any of our rights mentioned in this contract should not be mistaken as we will not exercise them in future.
2 . This contract also states that all communication between us and the customer will be conducted in English language.
3.  It is also understood that all our customers have agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned above along with the additional conditions given below.
4.  We at Support-Users.Com would also add that Support-Users.Com and its qualified engineers/technicians have the right to disagree/deny services for the systems upon discovering any illegal software, prohibited computer files or any data material that is considered as encroachment on the copyright law or any other laws applicable in the US. It is the responsibility of Support-Users.Com to report any illegal or criminal activity to the authorities. The statutory rights of the innocent are not affected.

Support-Users.Com is an independent software technical support service provider for an enormous assortment of third party products, brands and services. Any fault in the product belonging to certain Trademarks, Brands, and Services etc. will not have any liability on Support-Users.Com or any of the technicians. There is noaffiliation with any of these third party companies unless there is a specific written notification of the relationship from Support-Users.Com.

In the event of Subscription based plan and a valid reason of dissatisfaction by the customer, a full refund will be made within the first 30 days from the date of subscription. The refund will be issued to the original credit if the payment was made through a credit card; if it was done through a Gateway then the refund would be to the same account.


According to the rules set by Support-Users.Com, if the consumer is not satisfied by the product or the services/solutions provided to him/her by Support-Users.Com, he/she is free to cancel his/her services at any time, but if the primary concern of the customer has been addressed satisfactorily, then he will not be able to make a claim for the refund under any circumstances.

Support-Users.Com understands that you will be uniquely responsible for the maintenance and back-up of all information e.g. Data, text, files etc. and software stored on your device and storage prior to ordering of our services, and you agree that under no circumstances Support-Users.Com or the engineers/technicians will be held liable or responsible for any loss or corruption or customer Data, software, and hardware that may emerge out of the service. In order to avoid any such consequences, you may ask for Data back-up services which will be provided to you on chargeable basis, as this provision of Data Back-up is not covered in the maintenance contract and have a different terms of service and privacy policy. Please ensure to have a licensed copy of all necessary software installed on your computer/device as we do not provide copies and neither do we support installation of unlicensed software of any kind to our customers.


To receive the services of Support-Users.Com, you are required to have:
A.  Full access of the hardware and /or software (inclusive of the relevant licenses) related to the current concern you are experiencing, and
B.  Complete safe and secured back-up of any data, software, information or other important files stored on your computer, disks and/or drives that may be impacted.

You agree to be solely responsible for any loss, corruption, alteration of data, software or files that may result from the services offered and rendered to you by our technicians. Support-Users.Com is not liable to any of the above mentioned damages.

You are solely responsible for any or all reconstruction and restoration of lost or altered files, data, or programs. You also agree to shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding that any information or data shared with Support-Users.Com or our technicians is not confidential to you or any third party. You hereby approve and permit Support-Users.Com to view, access and modify your computer (including registry), computer settings and all the related peripheral equipment along with all the data, hardware and software components.

You acknowledge and agree that you are the authorized user and owner of the device and other peripherals including all the relevant hardware and software components for which you are contacting Support-Users.Com and the assigned technician to avail and benefit the services. You also agree to cooperate and follow the instructions of the technician supporting you on behalf of Support-Users.Com which are essential to offer you the best technical services.

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